About Me

In my view, photography is an ability to see forms through the qualities contained within the psyche. Psyche and soma come together as one, driving me to approach a potential subject and attempt to examine them through my camera lens. In photography, the most essential act is the ability to break into someone else’s mind. As I take pictures – I extract, I open and I mix up whatever I find. This is why mankind, and most of all, the feminine element in all of us, is for me a principal inspiration and the greatest challenge. The pursuit of a subject and the astonishment of discovering that subject’s originality are what stokes this fire. It is this originality, combined with certain elements of innocence and the inclination to transgress one’s own bounds, that I find fascinating. I find my models on the subway, in bars, on the street. I am building a portrait of a generation, a visual record of the very times that I am living in, while also asking certain questions – what is gender? What is sexuality? And then exploring how these issues are manifested in the body. I love delving into the subconscious of my subject. Through the use of symbols, colors and style – I strive to portray their essence.